WifiGear to become RHINO distributor for EMEA region

WifiGear are delighted to become the exclusive distributor of RHINO Mobility products across the EMEA region. 

RHINO Mobility™ specialises in enterprise-grade hardware with a dedicated portfolio of devices catering to clients of all sizes from SMB to global enterprises. Our hardware is designed exclusively for the Android Enterprise ecosystem and offers a selection of bespoke, high-quality devices suited to a range of industries and verticals.

From rugged smartphones, tablets, kiosks, POS systems, and digital signage, RHINO is engineered to be secure, free of bloatware, and benefit from fast and frequent security updates. RHINO devices undergo rigorous hardware and software testing to align with industry best-practices and works flawlessly with all Android Enterprise compatible solutions. For enterprise, RHINO is tough to beat. ​


Built for Enterprise

RHINO devices are created solely for enterprise; we don’t cater to the consumer market. Because of this, we focus on features and qualities best suited for business use without additional bloat. All RHINO devices are fully compatible with Android Enterprise, and benefit from such enterprise features as zero-touch and RHINO OEMconfig. Combined with our commitment to upgrades, RHINO devices offer a compelling alternative for enterprise to the typical consumer offerings available.

Always Up-to-Date

RHINO devices are updated within 90 days of Google releasing their security updates, often much sooner. In addition, we commit to 2 letter upgrades for every device. All of the components we source for our portfolio are guaranteed to be supported for 3 years. We can do this due to strong partnerships within our supply chain. On top of that, we can offer extended support beyond 3 years at an affordable price to enable devices to run for longer.

Scale & Customize

RHINO is a sub-enterprise of Social Mobile, leaders in bespoke, Play Protect (previously known as GMS) certified & Android Enterprise-ready devices. For orders of 5,000 or more units of a single model, customers can opt for a number of light customizations including private labeling of the device with a brand on hardware and software, additional software tweaks with a customized update schedule, bespoke accessories and more. Make RHINO work for you.


For more information on becoming a RHINO reseller contact a member of our sales team sales@wifigear.co.uk or call 01202 612444