Tachyon Networks

WifiGear are very pleased to announce they have become the Master UK & Ireland Distributor Tachyon Networks.

Tachyon Networks offer a fantastic 60GHZ PTP and PTMP solution that is ideal for WISPs, Security Installers and anyone looking to get away from the congested 5GHz channel.

Why use Tachyon Networks?

2.3gbps data throughput
Achieve fibre like speeds of over 2gbps without the need to trench. This
compares to 500mbps with Ligowave and 450mbps with Ubiquiti 5ghz products.

Connect 32 clients to one device
Use the TNA 301 to achieve 120 degree sector and connect up to 32 stations up to 1km away. Ideal for connecting lots of properties, CCTV columns, or any remote locations.

1km+ Distance
Achieve 1km in PTMP mode and over 1km in PTP mode

Virtually interference free
Tachyon Networks uses 60ghz (as opposed to 5ghz for Ligowave and Ubiquiti) which uses a pencil width beam between the radios. This stops radios picking up signal that is not for them and makes the frequency noise free. 60ghz is also a much newer frequency and there is a lot less products operating in this band.

Auto aligning antenna 
Tachyon Networks radios all come with auto aligning antennas making installation quick and simple. As long as the remote radio falls within the beamwidth of the radio (either 40 or 120 degrees) the radios 3D beam forming antenna will do the rest for you!

Pre Paired out of the box
The TNA 301 is pre configured to Access Point and the TNA 302 is pre configured to Station meaning they will automatically form a simple link and pass data. We always suggest that the installer adds their own security credentials to the link.

Intuitive management
The user friendly and information rich GUI is very simple to use making set up and management very simple for the installer.

Compact Range
Just 2 universal radios and one switch keeps the solution very simple!

View the Tachyon Networks range of products here