In today's economic climate, business efficiency is essential to a healthy company, small or large. Wireless networks have become an important tool that help improve efficiencies in offices all over the globe. Lets look at some of the benefits to having a wireless LAN in an office environment.


Increased mobility within the office, employees can bring any connected device wherever they need to. Whether that’s to a board meeting, a training session, an appraisal or even a breakout area to escape the busy office sales floor! It allows employees to have the ever important 'flexibility' that seems to be a key ingredient to a happy and efficient working environment.


Many offices have a downstairs warehouse, or even a warehouse across the road. Stock systems, barcode scanners and EPOS systems are important cogs in a complicated system that can keep a warehouse running. A wireless LAN can help to smooth out this operation, making for an efficient and organised stock system and warehouse process.

The ability to access your network anywhere in the office wirelessly, will clearly improve efficiency and save time, accessing documents, presentations, quotes, CRM systems etc.


A Wi-Fi network is quickly becoming an expectation opposed to a luxury in an office environment. Most offices will have visitors, whether that’s prospective clients, partners or suppliers. Providing them with secure, effective and quick access to a guest network will make guests feel comfortable and allow them to work effectively while in your work environment.

Nice to have

Let's be honest, having a wireless network in any work environment will almost definitely be considered a ‘nice to have’ by most employees. Most of the world seem to be glued to their phones, checking up on their social media pages, news, sports, games, and emails, basically everything! Having fast and free connectivity at work is a clear benefit for the employees!

This market is ever changing and the benefits to a wireless LAN is always increasing, as other technologies grow, adapt and change, the need for a Wi-Fi network will only grow more.