Cost effective, low operational expenses

No need for an expensive on-site wireless controller, you can manage multiple sites from a single pane of glass using ZoneManager where ever internet is available

ZoneManager Ruckus Products

What is Zonemanager?

ZoneManager is a cloud based infrastructure controller aimed at wireless networking

The ZoneManager platform is a fully integrated cloud-based controller for managing Ruckus Wireless wireless devices.

With ZoneManager there's no need to have a physical wireless controller on site (which can veer into the tens of thousands of pounds to purchase on it's own!). It allows old and new Ruckus access points to be added to the cloud platform, allowing remote management no matter where you are!

This opens up multi-site management, a user-friendly interface, a platform that you can scale infinitely, easy updates to your firmware and features and full compatibility with existing access points. This lowers your expenditure when upgrading your IT infrastructure. Music to any IT manager's ears.

Moving to a subscription based model

Long gone are the days you need to invest in costly IT infrastructure across the board. Moving to a subscription based model where possible reduces your capital exposure and risk with a smaller initial investment allowing you to get more from your annual budget, and the flexibly to upgrade systems sooner. Many services are now consumable and offered as a subscription based model, whether subscribed monthly or annually. ZoneManager’s annual subscription model (Available as a 1, 3 or even 5 year subscription) removes the up-front cost associated with controlling your Wi-Fi LAN with a ZoneDirector