Ruckus Unleashed

Ruckus - The Best Wi-Fi Access for Education

Security, Reliability and Price

In our opinion, Ruckus Wireless is currently the best option out there for education environments from primary school through to university. Why? Because school network managers care about security, reliability and price.

At A Glance:

  • It's disruptively priced: You won't find any other access points as feature-rich and functional as Ruckus.
  • Low Operational Expenses: Cheap overheads for keeping the kit running.
  • Incredible performance for concurrent users.
  • High throughput capacity and interference mitigation.
  • It actually works.
  • Did we mention it's cheaper than Cisco, Meraki and Aruba?

WifiGear offers schools free licenses if you order over 25 Ruckus Access Points and 40% off RRP if you have a valid e-mail address.

Powerful Wi-Fi Performance

No matter what your requirements, the Ruckus range has an access point to suit. Dual band indoor access points that can handle 100-500 clients each, seamlessly roaming clients across the network while delivering high volumes of data.

In most classroom scenarios, Access Points and networks are tested to the limits. Roaming profiles, logins and class materials are usually downloaded en-masse. The wireless network needs to deliver this content without a problem.

Due to PD-MRC, Beamflex+ and Cloudpath, , packet loss and logins are reduced to a minimum while maintaining the highest enterprise level of security across all devices.


PD-MRC stands for 'Polarisation Diversity - Maximal Ratio Combining', it's a Ruckus patented technology but it's not as complex as it sounds. Basically the antennas in the Access Point are constantly listening to as many transmitting radios as possible, combining all the signals to mitigate any loss of data in the spatial stream. Check out the image below.

Ruckus have taken this a step further with their radios - they can listen to radio signals in different polarisations with different antenna patterns to find the clearest version of the signal before combining them.

Check out the below image on polarisation, radio signals can be transmitted in two orientations three dimensionally.

Capacity and Radio Power

Ruckus access points can handle more clients than their competitors due to their cutting edge wireless chipsets and 802.11ac Wave 2 protocols. Processing all those signals and handing them off to the network requires a lot of computing power. Ruckus APs are also able to shift all that data through Gigabit ports up to 1700Mbps over the air.

Thanks to Beamflex + and Ruckus's cycling antenna patterns, interference is mitigated and the link between client device and access point is secure. Beamflex is a version of beamforming that listens to the packets being sent by the device and adjusts it's antenna pattern accordingly to improve communication between the access point and the client.

Operational Expenses

Ruckus is cheaper to run than all of it's major competitors, partner and end user licensing for large networks of APs is cheaper and support is also much easier. Fully cloud hosted solutions are available at a fraction of the cost of the likes of Aruba or Cisco.

If you are a school, budgets are usually tight and spending out on OPex for wireless is not an option.

See below for the Ruckus Wireless video on modern Education