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Outdoor wireless bridge solutions for IP CCTV

Most CCTV installers will be very aware of the difficulties faced when trying to install an IP CCTV camera in a remote location, it can become very costly, very fast, sometimes it’s not even an option due to the lengthy cable runs and difficult environments.

What many installers are unaware of is that there are a range of very simple solutions for this exact situation.

Below is a brief overview of some of solutions available.

If you needed to connect IP CCTV cameras to one remote location you could use a point to point solution (LigoWave DLB 5-20ac), this consists of single radio at two locations, which in effect, directly replaces the Ethernet cable.

If you need to connect IP CCTV cameras to multiple remote locations, you could use a point-to-multipoint solution (LigoWave LigoBASE and LigoWave LigoSU), this option has a single radio at multiple locations that all go back to one central location (as per image).



Here are some things you need to consider when installing PtMP or PtP wireless links

  • Line of sight is essential to using these solutions - often people try to use a point to point link through trees or even a building, but unfortunately this technology is not capable of that. It relies on direct line of sight (LOS).

  • Distance has to be considered when designing this type of solution, there are many devices with varying antenna gains that are built for specific distances.

  • Capacity is a crucial element to consider, for example if you are using a 4K PTZ camera, this will use a higher amount of data (throughput) compared to a static HD camera.

Point to Multi Point technology is a simple and cost-effective solution to connect IP CCTV to remote locations. when designed and implemented correctly it's extremely effective and will give you a reliable video connection. We sell hundreds of point to point links per month for this exact reason.

Here at Wifigear we can offer free advice and help with designs, so please feel free to get in touch should you want discuss any of this in more detail. I can be contacted on 01202 339843 or