Free IgniteNet Cloud Licenses

Free cloud license with all APs for 1 year

Completely cloud managed, amazing wireless capabilities, incredible prices

Disruptively priced, reliabile and developed with the future in mind

Full cloud management platform across all products (switches, PtP, PtMP and APs)

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Until 31st December 2017 WifiGear will be giving away a free cloud license with any IgniteNet product purchased!

Introducing IgniteNet's Cloud Platform

IgniteNet are the new kids on the block, we're proud to announce that we'll be shipping every IgniteNet AP with a free cloud controller until the 31st December 2017. So what's inside this free controller? Check out the power of the IgniteNet Cloud platform below to see what you can apply to your own network

You can manage all your networking equipment, switches and 5GHz/60GHz PtP

Accessing your Cloud

The process is pretty simple. Once you buy an access point, we'll ask you for the email you want to set the account up on. We'll email you to invite you to the cloud - you set up your password, simple as that.

All IgniteNet products are managed from this platform.

1) SunSpot AC1200 Example - Plug It In!

When you've registered to your cloud platform, you'll want to plug your device into it's PoE adapter or correct PoE switch.

2) Device Linking to Cloud

Once the device is powered up, it may not automatically connect to the cloud just yet, but worry not! There is a regsitration process and configuration period before the device is fully functional. It's normally not more than a couple of minutes.

On the SunSpot, there's a handy red glow to tell you that it's powered up, but not connected.

3) Check Device Status

You can keep an eye on the status of the cloud connection via the cloud controller interface.

Go to the device configuration and press 'advanced', you'll be told that the config is not yet available if cloud configuration is not complete.

4) Device Updates

You can schedule or apply the latest firmware to your AP straight away via the cloud at the click of a button.

When the SunSpot is updating, it'll glow blue. No messing around with images, it's all done via a single click - firmware is stored in the cloud and you're notified when new versions are available.

5) Registration and Firmware Success

Using the SunSpot as an example, it'll glow green when it's ready for use, it's firmware is updated as per your instructions and it's fully registered with the cloud.

6) 5GHz Options

When your device is ready to configure, you'll find some familiar options within the advanced config section of the cloud management profile.

7) 2.4GHz settings

Same options are available for the 2.4GHz networks as the 5GHz. You can add separate rules and manage both networks from the same cloud.

8) SSID Setups

Within both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio, you have the options to add multiple SSIDs. This is required when setting up guest networks.

9) Upload and Download Limiters

You'll find many extra options within the 2/5GHz radios including extra security such as RADIUS MAC authorisation and download/upload rate limits per SSID.

Walled Garden options are available in order to restrict certain content and to shield users from certain kinds of information. You can use it to protect children from parts of the web that they should not be visiting

10) Network Visual Overview

Here you can see all of your traffic broken down by network and ports.

11) Current Wireless Client List

From this pane you can manage all your current clients and check on their upload/download totals.

There are many other options within the IgniteNet cloud for other devices. We found IgniteNet's system very straightforward and simple to operate for both the MetroLinq and SunSpot APs.

IgniteNet are offering a unique management system and the pricing of their devices and licenses is incredibly low. For the quality you recieve, it's a no brainer.

Some mobile screenshots: Basic Mobile Hotspot (more customisation is available with external splash pages), Mobile version of the Network Overview