The Infinity Controller

Infinity controller is a software platform to configure and manage Wi-Fi networks based on LigoWave devices. It is available for two platforms Linux or VM VirtualBox (Supporting Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems). Cloud based version is coming soon. Software image is free and available in downloads section. The controller supports unlimited amount of devices (taking into account sufficient hardware resources are available) and is ideal for large networks that can be remotely located across the country and even different continents.

Benefits of Infinity

Easy to deploy and manage - centralised configuration, auto-provisioning, historical statistical data collection and plug and play device replacement simplifies expansion and supervision of networks.

Scale to Thousands - Infinity controller allows managing unlimited number of devices (taking into account there is sufficient hardware resources on the server side). Multiple remote networks can be controlled via the same system.

Highly Secure - Multiple user roles and encrypted communication channel ensures protection of your network from external threats.

Fast rollout Auto provisioning support simpli es the con guration and additional devices can be installed or replaced even by unquali ed personnel.

Simple Monitoring Multiple parameters can be supervised including connected client information, throughput per device, CPU load and etc. on the network or individual device, which allows easy monitoring and maintenance.

What is new in the Infinity Controller 1.1