IgniteNet Spark

IgniteNet SunSpot AC1200

IgniteNet SkyFire AC1200


The IgniteNet range penetrates a market where people didn't have the cash to splash on expensive access points and point to point solutions. Those who weren't previously network engineers. Anyone can afford to buy these links. Anyone can set them up. IgniteNet have focused on getting a well priced model on the market that works with a full cloud management system. We think they've done a good job - this is not an easy task to accomplish...

Cloud Management Platform

IgniteNet's cloud management system is well crafted, easy-to-use and based on HTML 5 GUI. You'll find it easy to register and manage all of your wireless devices from one simple hub using just MAC addresses and serial codes, you can't however use a wireless controller to manage these access points so if you're not a fan of being locked into cloud management - IgniteNet might not be for you.

The set up is simple as is the continued use of the management system. If you're a little more techy you can code your own addons or use the ones being made by the community - it's not just a system for managing APs, PtP and PtMP; it's a platform.

A key advantage of cloud management is that your network doesn't lose it's settings if it loses power. All your settings are saved to the cloud on a different system to your actual APs.

You get your first 2 access points for free so there's no need to worry about fees unless you're adding more than this. After that it's $99 a year and you get 500 devices per site/unlimited sites. You're covered.

802.11ac, Spark Wave 2

All the IgniteNet Products are available in 5GHz 802.11ac, the MetroLinq runs primarily in 60GHz though as it's designed for PtP. The low priced option, the IgniteNet Spark is now available in the 802.11ac Wave 2 version with MU-MIMO and a quad core processor. This means you'll be able to enjoy modern frequency technologies, high throughput and concurrent users.


All the IgniteNet units are incredibly well priced opening up wireless technology to those who many not have been able to previously afford to set up data links. This is music to the ears of people with poor broadband coverage to their business or home and also for small businesses looking to set up office networks that don't require technical knowledge to set up.

Paid Cloud Features ($99/year)

- Unlimited device licenses included

- Data is stored for 30 days

- Unlimited number of sites

- 500 Devices Per Site

- High level custom branding, logos, styles and domain available for $5000/year

Feature Breakdown


- 300, 750 and 1200Mbps Variations

- Cheapest Enterprise Cloud AP

- Standard or MU-MIMO versions

- Optimised for Cloud

- 802.3af/passive


- 300 or 1200Mbps speeds

- High RF

- Dual band 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies

- Optimized for Cloud

- Robust and simple mounting options

- 802.3at


- Long Range 5GHz Base Station/PtP

- 1200Mbps

- High RF 18dBi

- Custom Antenna Options

- 2x2 MIMO

- Dual Band 2.4 and 5GHz spectrums


- 900m Sector Base Station Range

- 1.5km Range

- 1Gbps

- 38dBi

- 60GHz

- Time Division Duplex


Incredible Price

Cheap and efficient cloud controller

Full cloud solution

Cloud is a platform, not just a method of linking devices. Code your own or use mods from the community

Price to feature and throughput ratio is incredible


No option on the MetroLinq to manage remotely on a 2.4GHz link *without* the cloud - have to wire in via ethernet

MetroLinq requires heavy duty mounting bracket for maxing out the distance

No local management solution for multi-device/site, have to use cloud