LigoWave LigoBASE 5-90 (Base Station)

LigoWave LigoSU 5-23 (CPE)

LigoWave LigoSU 5-20 (CPE)

Point to Multi Point wireless is growing

Whether you're providing wireless hotspot connectivity as a unique selling point, you're connecting remote locations for business data or you're a Wireless ISP - you're going to need well designed ways to relay data to multiple locations.

The right tool for the job - multiple links require PtMP specific products

You can't just cover an antenna with point to point links. It's expensive and inefficient - it's also the wrong tool for the job. If you have multiple streams of data from remote locations, you need hardware specialized for handling multiple inputs and outputs.

Why Ligowave for my PtMP link?

Ligowave's next generation LigoBASE and LigoSU products are designed with price and performance in mind. They operate on the same 5GHz frequencies as other products in this area however offer 600Mbps speeds (150Mbps faster than competing base stations such as the latest PBE-5AC-Gen2 from Ubiquiti). They also include Ligowave's own Quality of Service technology ensuring that business critical data is prioritised.

The new LigoSU 5-23 is capable of connecting up to 12km away from the base station which we're sure you'll agree is outstanding. With links this long it is important to remember that line of sight and alignment must be taken into account when configuring the products.

These are cutting edge links with great data throughput, high packets per second, reliability, build quality, ease of installation and QoS that are hitting the market competitively and with a bang. With AES 128 as standard, you're sure to be secure too.

We like keeping up to date with our engineers who install and manage these products daily. From an installation/management point of view, Ligowave products do what they say on the tin with no unnecessary components and are known for being reliable.

Breakdown of Benefits

- Lightning fast 600Mbps base station, faster than competing products in the range with pure throughput

- Proprietary WJETV technology for ensuring QoS. Important data reaches it's destination first

- Huge 12km link distance

- Efficiency of spectrum usage

- HTML 5 based GUI, easy set up

- Spectrum Analyser to check out the noise floor and avoid linking in intereference heavy zones

- IP-67 rated - designed for use in real life situations with total dust and water protection

Technical Feature Breakdown

LigoBASE 5-90 (Base Station)

- 7km Range, 90 degree coverage

- 600Mbps

- MIMO 2x2

- Dual Firmware Image, better link reliability

- QoS with hardware acceleration

- AES 128 and tough data security

- W-Jet V

LigoSU 5-20 (CPE)

- 7km Range

- 600Mbps

- W-Jet V

- AES 128 and tough data security

- QoS with hardware acceleration

LigoSU 5-23 (CPE)

- 12km Range

- 600Mbps

- W-Jet V

- AES 128 and tough data security

- QoS with hardware acceleration